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It is important that you know that Maine Custom Design offers FREE consulting for Maine Website Design.
Contact us via e-mail and we will do what it takes to help you know more about what you're looking for!

We can do all of your Custom Logo Design Work!

Maine Custom Design has the latest design software and applications that allow us to turn our clients ideas and suggestions into the icon of the image that they seek.

From 2-D, single color images to full blown 3-D,multi-color animations, MCD can enhance any web site.


Methods used during Internet Site Construction:

    • Logo Design and 2 and 3D Animation
    • Site Structure and Consistent Navigation
    • Links to other web sites
    • Domain Pointing
    • Sound Clips and Movie Clips
    • CGI and JAVA applets
    • E-commerce Shopping Carts
      (click here for an example)
    • Domain Name Registration
    • Website Hosting
    • Site Registration with Search Engines
    • Site Maintenance (1/2 hour free monthly site updates! )

The average cost of Internet Site Construction shows to be at about one hundred dollars per page, but all sites are variable in size, content and most importantly, the amount of editing required to accomplish the web site's intent.

Accurate and detailed pricing for Internet Site Construction through MCD is determined only after a brief general consultation with us.

We generally maintain a 24 hr maximum turn around time on site updates. E-mail it in, and usually see it on your page that day. Your hosting includes our "15 minute rule" which means that you don't get invoiced every time you want to update some text and a picture or two on your site. If it takes less than 15 minutes per month to swap out some content, then we don't bill you for it.

Domain Names & Hosting

Maine Custom Design will help you register your domain name for $12.00 per year through Go Daddy, and host your website for $30.00 per month. The account set up is $25.00. If you all ready have a domain name, and want to have us host your website, there is a transfer fee of $50.00

Hosting Features All servers include:

  • · Weekly Back-ups
  • · Access to our pre-configured CGI Scripts Including:
    • · WWW board
    • · Free for all links page
    • · Guestbook
    • · Site Database and search engine
    • · Full site counter - Easily added to pages, uses SSI
    • · Formmail.cgi - Allows any form to be sent by email.
    • · Random text displayer - Allows a rotation of simple sayings or quotes, Uses SSI
    • · Site Search - Simple whole site search engine
    • · Many More...

The PlusMail advanced mail system

  • · Your Own Website Admin Panel
  • · Unlimited email aliases - name@yourcompany.com
  • · You may create and remove these aliases, by using your own password protected Website Admin Panel
  • · Each alias may be forwarded to a separate individual email address
  • · Unlimited Mailing Lists - This feature allows you to create a mailing list with a simple text file of addresses.
  • · You may have as many lists in your directory as you like, each is password protectable
  • · Unlimited Auto Responders - This will allow a automated response to an email message


  • · Usage stats Program - comprehensivee visitor stats
  • · psql, Perl 4 & 5, TCL, C++, Java, JavaScript, SSI

Site Content Writing


Blossom Editing's Carol Hansson has over 14 years of writing and editing experience for a business magazine and four years of experience writing and editing for a glossy tack store magazine. She prides herself on content that is easy to read and personable. She has written content for the web design, construction, GPS tracking and photography industries, and is also experienced in writing blogs, e-blasts and brochures as well.  She’ll interview to find out your company style. Would you like a corporate or conversational approach? She can also work in keyword rich content when requested. Carol@blossomediting.com

Professional Photgraphy



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