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Due to our current economy, your competitors are resubmitting their web sites to the search engines to get higher rankings for obvious reasons.

We have recently upgraded our search engine registration software, and are now capable of a deeper site promotion which will yield in the best possible results for your business.

The Search Engine game changes daily, as the internet grows at an unbelievable rate. A proven effective measure to compete at this rate is to make good submissions consistently with good titles and key phrases in place.

Another proven factor is this:

If you don’t keep an eye on your ranking with the search engines, and have us resubmit your site to the search engines when you start to slide down in ranking, it will be tougher to regain the lost ground.

The search engines are trying to keep a level playing field and rank sites based on merit. Unfortunately the ranking process is driven by a very complex set of rules executed by “machines”, known as algorithms.

The job of a reputable SEO company is to figure out those elusive search engine ranking rules and translate them into actionable optimization and link building techniques.

This is where things get tricky. Some SEO companies may take risks getting your site ranked in the top 10, but we don't. We rigorously follow the Google webmaster guidelines, which ensures the work we do on and off your site will not get you into trouble with the engines.

Does your web site need search engine optimization that can yield results?
We offer two levels of search engine registration.

     - Standard Submission ($50.00 per instance, per domain name) a standard search engine registration submission for your domain name, based on your current keywords, with the top 10 Search Engines.

     - Deep Site Promotion ($100.00 per instance, per domain name) a Deep Site search engine registration submission for your domain name, with key phrase review and regeneration if needed, with the top 500 Search Engines at a deeper level of submission.

Call 207-861-7919 or contact us for more, detailed information on our search engine optimization process today!


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